Average Citizen of 2053

It is relatively easy to rattle off the standard definition for setting, time, and place.  However, few people actually recognize the importance that these things have on how characters behave.  With a partner read the following questions and create a profile for the average citizen in in 2053.


Fold a sheet of paper lengthwise and then widthwise (hotdog style and hamburger style).  You have created four boxes for which you'll plug in information.

  1. Brainstorm four primary characteristics of a typical citizen of 2053, as depicted by Ray Bradbury in "The Pedestrian."  
  2. In the four corners of the worksheet, write the four characteristics you feel are the most important for the citizens of 2053 to have.
  3. Underneath each label, describe and explain what each characteristic means.  
  4. For each characteristic, find specific passages from the story (including page numbers) that show evidence of that characteristic as being portrayed in the story.

On the back of the page, answer the following questions:

  1. Why would Bradbury depict the average citizen in such a way?
  2. What comment or point do you believe he is trying to prove about our society or other societies? Explain.
  3. If you could sum up your answer to #2 in one to three words, what would it be?
  4. Do you believe the comment he is making on this society important?  How so?

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