STEP 3: Using Online Assessments

The following activities are designed to let you experience online assessments in our Learning Management system while reflecting on how you might use its features to innovate your formative assessment practice.  

*Note: the objective of these activities is to explore and experience efficiencies and added value that implementing online assessments might provide, as such, it may actually be helpful and informative to get some questions wrong and/or to leave the attempt unfinished.(to experience feedback that struggling students might get).  This activity will not auto check - please feel free to mark it complete when you feel you have gained some insight into how blended environments might help you to innovate your formative assessment practice.
Interactive mAssessment Tour
Digital Assessment Discussion

Choose this option if you want to experience all the different options for types of questions.

Choose this option if you would like to explore all the different ways questions in Moodle can be leveraged for different purposes.

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