Creative To Kill a Mockingbird Projects

Possible Projects

·         Create a visual timeline depicting the eight most important events in the story.  Integrate symbols and words and phrases that encapsulate each event.

·         Interview five people (older than you) who have read To Kill a Mockingbird.  Formulate eight questions for them regarding their thought on important events, themes, and messages in the book.  Ask them why they think this book is considered an American "classic."  Report your findings to the class.

·         Create a Jeopardy game or some other game for a study guide based on my powerpoints posted on our class website or other important events, ideas, characters, etc. that we discussed in class

·         On a poster board, create a two-page newspaper spread from Maycomb that depicts the town, explains Tom’s trial, and contain news that may have happened in Maycomb at this time period.

·         Write and perform a song that depicts themes from the book, or summarizes the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of a certain character.

·         Create a live drama that re-enacts important events and themes from the story.  Creatively narrate the drama to demonstrate the importance of the scene

·         Write and illustrate a children’s book or a graphic novel of To Kill a Mockingbird.

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