Digital Critical Friends Forum

critical friends cartoonPlease use this forum to give and receive feedback on your formative assessment innovations.

Suggested Protocols:

Critical Friends Participant Guide

Receiving Feedback:

Please consider sharing the following from your Goal Tracker:

  • Your Goal and the workshop(s) to which it relates (Feedback, Metacognition, SAMR, Application)
  • Your action steps, and any evidences or deliverables that you have created (links would be great, but don't forget to give public viewing privileges if necessary)

  • A focus question to help make sure you are getting useful and appropriate feedback (you may wish to reference the Critical Friends Protocol & Notes Template above.) 
Giving Feedback: 

(If you have posted a discussion to receive feedback, please consider taking the time to give some feedback to others.)

When giving feedback, please consider formatting your feedback into: 

  • Likes (What elements of the presentation do you like? (What should the design team “keep”?)
  • Wonders (What questions do you have about the presentation?)
  • Ideas (What connections can you make to your work?  What ideas do you have to help connect these for presenters?)

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