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A Question and Answer Forum is an activity where we can hold an online classroom discussion based on response to the posted questions.  The single most important fact for you to know is that you will need to submit your own response to the discussion questions before you can view and respond to other students' postings.  After your initial post to the discussion questions, you will have 30 minutes to edit your response.  After the 30 minutes have elapsed, you will then be able to view and respond to your calssmates.  I have already begun the discussion for you.


"No News from Auschwitz" by A.M. Rosenthal is not an easy read--and it was never intended to be an easy read.  Keeping that in mind, respond to one of the following discussion questions.  When your 30 minutes editing time has elapsed, you will be able to view your classmates' responses.  Please respond to one  of your classmates.  To make a classroom discussion more beneficial and thorough, please go beyond basic agreement and disagreement.

A thoughtful response to a classmate should:

  • Pull out key ideas from the classmate's response.
  • Offer your ideas on the thoughts they presented.
  • Offer new information.  

Discussion Questions:

Choose one of the prompts below and answer to your fullest extent.  Be thorough and analytical in your response.  Offer specific examples from the text when requested.

  1. How does Rosenthal's use of imagery (painting pictures with similes, metaphors, etc.) and word choice make a point and evoke your emotion?  How do the exhibits and examples evoke emotion?  Identify and explain one or two quotes from the story that really had an emotional impact on you while you read.  Finally, if you were to choose a single word that described your primary feeling while reading this text, what would it be?
  2. All writers have a purpose for writing.  What do you think Rosenthal's purpose was in writing "No News from Auschwitz"?  In other words, what did he hope to achieve in this piece of writing? In your eyes, do you feel that he achvieved his goal?  Identify and explain one or two quotes from the article that make you believe that he achieved his purpose.  What themes can we gather from this piece of writing?
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