Ch. 19-20 Five-Group Discussion Forum

In your groups, answer your question by providing at least one quote to support your answer.  Write 3-5 sentences.

Then respond to each of the four other groups.

You only need one typist per group but be sure that you include your group number and your names in each of your responses.

Group 1: P. 148-149  What does Holden hope to get from the conversation with Carl Luce?

Group 2: P.150- Why does Holden pretend he has a “bullet in his guts”?

Group 3: P. 154- What could be the possible symbolism of the broken record?

Group 4: P. 153-154, Why does Holden go to see the ducks?  How is this symbolic?

Group 5: p.155- Why does Holden think of Allie’s funeral?

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