Ch. 11-13 Six-Group Discussion Forum

In your group, answer your assigned questions on a discussion forum.  After you have done that, respond to one group from each of the three topics.  You only need one typist per group, but be sure to list your group number and names in your response.

Group 1-2:  Jane/Relationships:  Why is Jane important to Holden?
1. p. 77  Why do you think Holden showed Jane the mitt?
2. P. 78-79 Why does Holden remember this night so vividly?
3. P. 78 Symbol of females – how does his relationship with Jane shape his view on women in general?
4. How does their relationship represent “innocence” in the novel?
5. What is Holden’s role in Jane’s life?

Group 3-4: Ducks: What is the symbolism?
1. What are some general characteristics of ducks?
2. Re-read ducks passages and try to piece together the symbolism (13, 60, 81-83).
3. Why Holden thinks of them?
4. How do others respond to his questioning?
5. How might Holden relate with ducks?

Group 5-6: Growing Up/Age/Prostitute: Why does Holden decide not to have sex with her?
1. P. 85 Holden’s favorite drink…what does it show about him?
2. P. 89 What does this violent scene reveal about Holden?
3. P. 92 What does Holden admit?
4. P. 94-96  Why does Holden get depressed when he’s with the prostitute?

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