(4) Part 1: Journey from Racism to Redemption Discussion Forum

Bryon Widner went from having symbols of racist violence carved into his body and face, and being called “the enforcer” to being a kind, nurturing father and husband who began to question his ideologies. Things began to change in his mind and his heart. 

Copy and paste the questions below into your response window, and then answer each of the three questions about the newspaper article you have read. In addition, you need to respond to TWO of your classmates' responses. Make sure you are thorough in your answers and responses. You will be graded using the Rubric for Online Discussion Participation.

Question #1:

“What do you believe caused Bryon to become a part of the Vinelanders skinhead group, tattoo racist slogans all over his body, and become “the enforcer”?

Question #2:

Why is it that “Bryon began to see himself as others did; a social freak, an outcast from the society he now so desperately longed to be part of.” What helped change his mind/heart?

Question #3:

What role does society play in an individual’s identity, and what responsibility must he/she make on his/her own? Answer this question in general, and then apply it to Boo Radley.

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