Deeper Reading Activities

Activities to use for assignments

The Iceberg (All about metaphors) Pgs. 134-135, 141

The iceberg activity uses the idea of an iceberg to explain a character. Like an iceberg, part of a character is easily visible; but at the same time there might be a part, sometimes the large part, of the character that remains unseen. All characters reveal something about themselves to others, but sometimes it's more interesting to have students analyze what a character doesn't reveal to others. Using the iceberg as an analytical tool prodeuced deeper thinking as students are asked to analyze the seen and unseen characterisitics of a character.

Examples of activities:

1. Students draw an iceberg for a specific character and on the part above the water line and below the water line, students write down what they see in the character that isn't specificly mentioned in the text.

2. Students using drawings instead of words as metaphors for the character. On a separate sheet, students will explain what the symbol they have choosen means and how the symbol connects to the character.


              Character: Hamlet

              Symbol: Referee

              Explanation of symbol: A referee unerstands all the rules and is there to make sure the players follow them. He has to be decisive when he hands out penalties to players who break rules.

              How this connects: Hamlet understands the "rules" of Elsinore, the castle. Hamlet is horrified when his mother and his uncle ignore the rules. As the play unfolds, it is obvious that his is bothered by all the rule violations. To help decide who should be penalized, Hamlet decides to lay a trap by staging a play that re-enacts his father's murder.