Deeper Reading Activities

Activities to use for assignments

Literary Dominoes (pg.94-97)

In a way, the plots of novels, plays, and stories are like dominoes. A happens, which causes B to happen, which in turn causes C to happen - a process that continues until the reader reaches the resolution. 

Dr. Seuss, Because a Bug Went Ka-Choo! 
*A bug sneezes, causing a seed to fall out of a tree. The seed hits a worm on the head, who in his anger then kicks a tree. The tree drops a coconut and bops a turtle in the head. The turtle falls in the lake and splashes a hen, and before you know it, things quickly spin out of control. The chain of events culminates with an entire city in an uproar. And all because a bug, the first domino in the series, went ka-choo. 

At the end of a novel or play, a resolution has been reached, and students need to consider the events that led to that resolution.

Give students index cards to fill out and act as "dominoes." Instead of supplying them with the first three events, dominoes A, B, and C, give students the answers to the last three dominoes X, Y, and Z.