Deeper Reading Activities

Activities to use for assignments

Color Coding Activity (pg.68,69)

In Google Docs, have students color-code their reading comprehension. Ask students to read a difficult passage and highlight every single word in the text. The should highlight words, phrases, sentences, or entire passages that they understand in yellow. They should highlight everything else that they do not understand in pink.

Students can note where their comprehension falters, or write questions in the comments section of Google Docs to use as a discussion piece the following day.

1) Provides the reader with focus
2) Motivates the reader to concentrate in order to come up with as few pink-highlighted passages as possible.
3) It show the reader where to slow his or her pace.
4) It alerts the reader to the importance of contect in trying to make meaning.
5) It encourages the reader to revise his or her comprehension while reading.