As you conduct your research, take notes and write out quotations related to your thesis.

General Tips:

  • Keep all notes on index cards in Noodle Tools.
  • Keep actual notes written on articles in Google Docs (include a citation for your Google Docs so you know where you can find it).
  • Record important details and quotations, along with the page numbers where this information can be found.
  • Use an ellipsis (. . .) if you need to leave words out of a quotation. Use brackets ( [...] ) around your own words that are added to quotations.
  • Give each card a slug (a word or a phrase to highlight the main idea of that note card).


Use the PQSD format to guide your note taking.

  • P stands for Paraphrase.
  • Q stands for Quote.
  • S stands for Summary.
  • D stands for Definition.