Submitting your paper to Turnitin now states, “If you are between 14 and 17 years of age . . . you may not enter the Site except with the supervision and permission of a parent or legal guardian.  You must have a parent or legal guardian review and agree to this User Agreement by clicking the    I agree -- create profile    button."

To Create a New Account

Go to and find the small blue create account under the login email box.
Under Create a New Account, select Student
Enter the Class ID Information provided by your teacher (case sensitive)
    Class I.D.   ____________________________________________
    Class enrollment password   _______________________________
Fill in the User Information section
    1. first name
    2.  last name
    3.  email address
    PLEASE NOTE:  you may use a valid email address of your own (hotmail, sendit, etc.)
    or create one using the following template
Fill in the Password and Security section
    1.  Please follow the password template as follows:  
        The Capital initial of your first name followed by your student ID #.
        For example:  John Doe will have the password J12345
    2.  Select a secret question and fill in the answer
    PLEASE NOTE:  because this question may come up months from the time it is created,
    it is wise to use a question and answer that will never change i.e. parent information.
User Agreement
    1.  Read the user agreement
    2.  Select the  I agree -- create profile  button to complete your user profile

To Log into a Current Account

Go to and put your email account and password in the boxes provided in the top right corner
PLEASE NOTE:  If you have forgotten your password or are not sure of the email address you are using, click on the small blue Retrieve Password under the password box and follow the directions there.

To Enroll in a Class (if you already have a current account)

Click on the Enroll in a Class tab across the top and enter the Class ID information provided by your teacher
    Class I.D.   ____________________________________________
    Class enrollment password   _______________________________

To Submit a Paper

    1.  Log into Turnitin and click on the name of the class; choose the assignment and click on the submit button
    2.  Select file upload and use the pull down menu to choose cut and paste
    3.  Fill in a title for your paper
    4.  Open your paper from your document source (server, thumb drive, etc.) and display on the computer screen
    5.  Highlight your paper, copy, and paste in the area provided
    6.  Click on the submit button
Jan 2011