Peer Editing worksheet


NAME___________________________________I am editing__________________________’s paper

Check all that are included with the rough:

____1. outline included?
____2. finished essay included?
____3. Works Cited page included?
____4. correct information in upper left hand corner on rough draft
____5. page numbers on each page (after last name in upper right – including Works     Cited)
____6. parenthetical documentation in paper (citations in parenthesis)
____7. double spaced evenly throughout
____8. no extra spaces between paragraphs/title, etc.


____1. Thesis statement at top
____2. title provided
____3. complete sentences throughout
____4. three Roman numerals
____5. A and B reflect each Roman numeral
____6. 1 and 2 reflect A and B
____7. If there is an A, there’s a B; a 1 must have a 2…


____1. # of quotes (anywhere from 2-6 is ideal)
____2. correct parenthetical documentation
____3. quotes support sentences from outline
____4. quotes explicated (explained) – should NOT be 1st or last sentence in a paragraph

____5. appropriate intro
____6. intro ends with thesis
____7. double spaced
____8. appropriate conclusion
____9. conclusion ends with restated thesis (in different wording)
____10. outline followed in text of paper
____11. sentences from outline found in text of paper
____12. transitions used at the beginnings of paragraphs
____13. transitions used for flow within the paragraphs
____14. transitions are appropriately used
____15. sentence variation evident
____16. vocabulary appropriate for grade level
____17. conventions – spelling and grammar errors are practically non-existent
____18. paper does not contain first or second person (I, you, we, our, etc)
____19. paper supports/proves the thesis
____20. paper is appropriate length (outline + 4-6pgs + Works Cited page)

Works Cited Page:

____21. alphabetical order
____22. sources done in perfect MLA style with hanging indent
____23. double spaced evenly with no extra spaces
____24. minimum of five sources