Directions for final outline

John Doe

Ms. Doe

English 12 – period 4

31 April 2011 usually due date

SAMPLE FINAL OUTLINE (Do not type anything here in your draft)

The Title of your Essay Goes Here

Thesis Statement: You must type the words “Thesis Statement.” This part of your outline will be one full, complete sentence and will match exactly the thesis statement in your introductory


I. This is where your first major point should be. Notice how everything is now double-spaced.

     A. This sub-point should support the first Roman Numeral.

     B. This is an additional sub-point that supports Roman Numeral I.

          1. The number “1” comes after any capital letter. Remember, if you

               have a “1”, you must have a number “2” as well.

          2. This is the second point that supports the information under

               letter B.

     C. You may have more than two sub-points under your first Roman

          Numeral. This is where the third point would go.

II. When you are finished with your first main point, move on to your

second major point with a Roman Numeral II.

     A. This sub-point should support the second Roman Numeral.

     B. Every major point should have at least an A, B, and C; most should    

         have a 1 and 2 as well. Otherwise, you may need to re-research

         and find additional information.

III. This is where your third and final point goes. ALL senior research

     papers must have three major components to their essay (if you need

     more, talk with me). Remind yourself that each major component

     should be discussed for approximately two-three pages.

**Your final outline will most likely be anywhere from 1 ½ to 2 ½ pages long.