SCI Gr K-5 Benchmarks

SCI-5th Grade

In fifth grade, your child will be studying science using three FOSS Modules.

The EarthMaterials imageEarth Materials module consists of four sequential investigations dealing with observable characteristics of solid materials from the earth—rocks and minerals. The focus is on taking materials apart to find what they are made of and putting materials together to better understand their properties. The module introduces fundamental concepts in earth science and takes advantage of the students’ intrinsic interest in the subject matter and in the physical world around them.

MixturesSolutions ImageChemistry is the study of the structure of matter and the changes or transformations that take place in it. Learning about the makeup of substances gives us knowledge about how things go together and how they can be taken apart. Learning about changes in substances is important for several reasons: changes can be controlled to produce new materials; changes can be used to give off energy to run machines. The Mixtures and Solutions Module has four investigations to introduce students to these fundamental ideas in chemistry.

Variables ImageSome of the most important scientific concepts students learn are the result of their ability to see relationships between objects and events. Relationships always involve interactions, dependencies, and cause and effect. The Variables Module has four investigations that help students discover relationships through controlled experimentation. Students will fling, float, fly, and flip objects as they discover relationships in each investigation.

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(SCI) Science Prioritized Standards

The following Science Standards have been identified by the Bismarck Public School District as prioritized and will be on the Standards-Based Progress Report.

Standard 1: Unifying Concepts

  • SCI-05.1.02 Explain how changes alter the balance within a system e.g., the effects of limited resources on populations, global climate change, flood, drought

Standard 2: Science Inquiry

  • SCI-05.2.02 Formulate an explanation supported by data

Standard 8: History and Nature of Science

  • SCI-05.8.01 Explain why results of similar scientific investigations may turn out differently i.e., inconsistencies in methods, materials, and observations