SCI Gr K-5 Benchmarks

SCI-4th Grade

In fourth grade, your child will be studying Science using three FOSS Modules.

The magnetism-and-electricity imageMagnetism and Electricity module consists of five sequential investigations, each designed to introduce or reinforce concepts in physical science. The investigations provide opportunities for students to explore the natural and human-made worlds by observing and manipulating materials in focused settings using simple tools.

measurement imageMeasurement, the process of quantifying observations, is one of the cornerstones of science. Measurement compares nature—the unknown—to a standard unit—the known. Through such comparison, the organization of the world becomes more comprehensive. The FOSS Measurement module consists of four investigations, each designed to emphasize a particular type of metric measurement—length, mass, temperature, and volume.

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(SCI) Science Prioritized Standards

The following Science Standards have been identified by the Bismarck Public School District as prioritized and will be on the Standards-Based Progress Report.

Standard 2: Science Inquiry

  • SCI-04.2.02 Conduct simple investigations to answer questions based on observations
  • SCI-04.2.03 Use scientific tools i.e., thermometers, rulers, balances during simple investigations