SCI Gr K-5 Benchmarks


In Kindergarden, your child will be studying science using two FOSS Modules.

animals two by two imageAnimals Two by Two provides young students with close and personal interaction with some common land and water animals. Appropriate classroom habitats are established, and students learn to care for the animals. In four activities the animals are studied in pairs. Students observe and care for one animal over time, and then they are introduced to another animal similar to the first but with differences in structure and behavior. This process enhances opportunities for observation, communication, and comparison.

fabric imageSBPR imageFabric, a material so often taken for granted, makes a fascinating study for early childhood students. In the Fabric module students are introduced to a wide variety of fabrics in a systematic way, so that they become familiar with fabrics’ properties, discover what happens when they are tested, and discover how they interact with other materials, including water.

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(SCI) Science Prioritized Standards

The following Science Standards have been identified by the Bismarck Public School District as prioritized and will be on the Standards-Based Progress Report.

Standard 1: Unifying Concepts

Standard 7: Science and Other Areas

  • SCI-00.7.01 Identify safety rules for school and home