SCI Gr K-5 Benchmarks

SCI-1st Grade

In first grade, your child will be studying Science using two FOSS Modules.

new plants imageThe New Plants module provides experiences that heighten young students’ awareness of the diversity of life in the plant kingdom. Students care for plants to learn what they need to grow and develop. They observe the structures of flowering plants and discover ways to propagate new plants from mature plants (from seeds, bulbs, roots, and stem cuttings). They observe and describe changes that occur as plants grow, and organize their observations on a calendar and in a journal.

PebblesSandSilt ImageThe Pebbles, Sand, and Silt module consists of four sequential investigations, each designed to introduce concepts in earth science. The investigations provide experiences that heighten students’ awareness of rocks as earth materials and natural resources. They will come to know rocks by many names and in a variety of sizes. Pebbles and sand are the same material—just different in size.

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(SCI) Science Prioritized Standards

The following Science Standards have been identified by the Bismarck Public School District as prioritized and will be on the Standards-Based Progress Report.

Standard 7: Science and Other Areas

  • SCI-01.7.01 Identify personal care practices e.g., dental care, hand washing, exercise, nutrition that contribute to a healthy life