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Avoid Plagarism

Avoid plagarism...Cite your sources!

"Research-based writing in American institutions, both educational and corporate, is filled with rules that writers, particularly beginners, aren't aware of or don't know how to follow. Many of these rules have to do with research and proper citation. Gaining a familiarity of these rules, however, is critically important, as inadvertent mistakes can lead to charges ofplagiarism, which is the uncredited use (both intentional and unintentional) of somebody else's words or ideas.

While some rhetorical traditions may not insist so heavily on documenting sources of words, ideas, images, sounds, etc., American academic rhetorical tradition do. A charge of plagiarism can have severe consequences, including expulsion from a university or loss of a job, not to mention a writer's loss of credibility and professional standing."

(Courtesy of the OWL at Perdue Writing Lab)

To cite your sources in MLA style, please use the MLA Formatting and Style Guide in this book, the MLA formatting in Noodle Tools, and the style guide at the website listed below. This site is different from most others because it not only offers a complete and thorough guide to citing your sources, but does so in an easily understandable and accessible manner.'s free!