Ch. 6 Characterization Writing Activity

After reading Chapters 1-6 of The Catcher in the Rye, choose one of the following:

1) Hey, Jane. It’s me, Holden.

Pretend you are Holden and write a letter to Jane.  You have not talked to her in a long time and you just heard that she went on a date with Stradlater.

Somewhere in your letter…

  • 3 points: Ask her some questions.
  • 3 points: Recall your memories with her.
  • 3 points: Tell her about yourself and how you feel.
  • (3  points: creativity and effort.  12 TOTAL POINTS)

2) Journal, Today Allie Died.

Pretend you are Holden and journal about the night that Allie died.

In your journal...

  • 3 points:  Describe events of Allie’s death.
  • 3 points: Describe memories that you have had with Allie.
  • 3  points: Describe how you feel right now.
  • ( 3  points for creativity and effort: 12 TOTAL POINTS)