Where I'm From Poetry Assignment

Where I'm From

Students are to use George Ella Lyon's "Where I'm From" poem as a template to either tell their own story or to explain Scott's perspective of Maycomb.

This assignment aligns with the following standard ELA-10.W.03d

I am from  ______________________________  (an everyday item in your home)

From  _______________________  and  _______________________  (products or everyday items in your home)

I am from the  ____________________________________________  (description of your home)

____________________________________________________ (a detail about your home - a smell, taste, or feel)

I am from the  ________________________________________ (plant, flower, or other natural item)

The  _______________________________________________ , (plant or tree near your home) whose long-gone limbs I remember as if they were my own.

I’m from  ________________________  and  __________________________  (a family tradition and family trait)

From  ___________________________  and  __________________________  (family members)

I’m from  ________________________  and  __________________________  (family habits) and from  _______________________________________________________  (a family habit)

I’m from  ________________________  and  __________________________  (things you were told as a child) and  _____________________________________________________  (a song or saying you learned as a child)

I’m from  _________________________________________________ (a family tradition)

I’m from  ________________  (place of birth)  and  ___________________  (family ancestry, nationality, or place) ________________________  and ________________________________  (family foods)

From ________________________________________________________  (a story about a family member)

_____________________________________________________________  (detail about a family member)

_____________________________________________________________  (a story about a family member)

_____________________________________________________________  (detail about the story or person)

_______________________________________________  (description of family mementos, pictures, or treasures)

_____________________________________  (location of mementos: under my bed, on the wall, in my heart, etc.)

_____________________________________________________________  (more description if needed)