SUBMIT: Spark Session Presentation

The goals of the Spark session are to:

  • Allow participants opportunity to summarize, reflect on, and celebrate progress (it is important that we not skip this)
  • Share learning and innovations with other participants/teams
  • Share learning and innovations with non-academy participants and leadership

In the interest of “flexible consistency” (that’s a thing!?) please consider the following guidelines:

  • Summary Presentations - Please create a digital presentation with voice-over (screencast, movie, Microsoft Mix, VLOG-style reflection)
    • Consider sharing goals, actions steps, any resources or tools that you created…tell us the story of your learning.
    • Each member may create his/her own presentation, or include their reflection and work in a team presentation.

Please feel free to use this OPTIONAL TEMPLATE

Reference Examples of types of innovations that were implemented after summer academy.