Innovating Assessment - Implementation Evidence

  • (12 hours) INDEPENDENT IMPLEMENTATION (September 2016-November 2016).  Participants will implement new/redesigned assessment strategies within their classroom.  They will implement, reflect, and collected evidence artifacts on the four assessment concept areas (Feedback, Metacognition, Technology Efficiencies, and Formative Assessment).

    • Setup/preparation = 4 hours minimum

    • Implementation/reflection = 4 hours minimum

    • Artifact collection and submission in online course = 4 hours minimum

  • (4 hours) PARTICIPANT SHOWCASE AND FEEDBACK.  Participants will attend a ½ day session in December 2016 to showcase 1 or more of their assessment goals and results.  They will also participate in a feedback protocol.

Please use this assignment upload area to share your implementation portfolio BEFORE your face-to-face reflection session.

Evidence of implementation may include,

but not be limited to:

    Your portfolio may take the form of:

      • Student Data (anonymous)
      • Student work/samples
      • pictures
      • reflections on changes/value added
      • Powerpoint/Google slides presentation
      • Website
      • Blog
      • Google Doc with Hyperlinks
      • Shared Google Folder
      • creative!*

      *Please consider including a voice-over in your presentation to facilitate asynchronous sharing ;)

      When you're ready, scroll down to submit your portfolio.