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    Unit 1 World War I

    ...Restraints and Involvement in World Politics 1914-1920

    Essential Question: To what extent was "the war to make the world safe for democracy" a success or failure?

  • Unit 3 The Great Depression


    ...The Great Depression and New Deal

    Essential Question: How did the US and other countries respond to the rise of capitalism, economic collapse and the development of social welfare programs?

  • Unit 4 World War II

    ...From Isolation, Instability and Fascism, to Victory in WWII
  • Unit 5 Life in the 1950s

    ...A Changing Political and Social Climate After World War II


    9-12.2.6 Analyze the economic boom and social transformation of post WWII America (e.g., popular culture, changing women’s roles, technological developments)

    1950's Life and Culture

    Essential Question:

    How did economic and social changes transform American society in the 1950's?

    Focus Questions:

    1. How did economic prosperity encourage the development of a strong middle class?

    2. What technological advances influencd Americans in the 1950's?

    I can statements:

    1.  I can explain the development of surbia America. (k)

    2. I can explain the impact of television on American culture. (k)