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    7th Exploring Technology........ Semester   Lab Fee $15.00

    This course is a modular technology course that engages the students in hands-on application through computer-guided instruction.   Modules may include graphic communications, structural engineering, confident consumer, GPS technology,  rocketry and space, electricity, properties of math, geometric packing, and future fuels.  The course will also present the students with various opportunities to explore careers and other breakout sessions.  Students will also experience various breakout activities conducted outside the modular environment.  Including:  Roller coaster Engineering Challenges, Video Game Design, and Woodworking.

  • Synergistic Modules

    Synergistic Modules from Synergistic Learning Systems provide student pairs with innovative, hands-on learning experiences that meet education standards in math and science. Each Module session (seven sessions per Module) provides hands-on cooperative curriculum delivered in a unique, team-based learning environment.

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