Topic Name Description
Book ENG301 English 11 S1 Introduction

The Course Introduction is an overview of the content for the class.

URL Required Junior Literary Terms

Click on THIS LINK to study the required junior literary terms! Good luck.

URL Literature List by Grade Level 2013

This list is a break down of optional and required novel units by grade level, 7-12. Updated 2/19/2013.

Page COMMON CORE Terminology List 11-12

This document is a mix of literary terms and terminology to be used in grades 11-12.

URL Team Teaching handout

This handout breaks down the team teaching process and expectations.

URL How to Analyze a Quotation

This handout is a good activity to be used when analyzing quotations.

URL Q-IDEA for Analyzing Quotes

This handout helps students understand how to analyze quotes. The format presented works well with any literary analysis essay.

URL MLA Formatting at OWL Purdue
File Summary, Paraphrase, Quote

Click on the link below to read a character analysis on Professor Snape.

Learn the differences between a summary, a paraphrase, and a quote, then practice summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting the analysis on Snape.

File Character Shift Chart -Deeper Reading

The following is a chart that shows a character's changes throughout a story. Be sure to identify what caused the shift.

File Sentence Starters-Deeper Reading

This activity helps students interact with the text by providing a sentence starter for discussion.

File Prefix/Roots/Suffix - Deeper Reading

The following document is a list of prefixes, roots, and suffixes commonly used in the English language.  A brief meaning is also given for each, and an area is provided for students to find an example word using the prefix, root, or suffix being studied.

File Silent Exchange Discussion-Deeper Reading

This activity requires students to create an open ended question based on prior reading. Then students exchange questions with other students in their small group, and hold a silent discussion.

File Save the Last Word for Me Discussion- Deeper Reading

This activity includes finding a favorite quote or passage from a reading assignment, and developing a group discussion centered around each person's favorite passage.

File Trouble Slips

This is an activity that students complete as they read and bring back for a next day discussion on any areas that brought them trouble as they read.

File SOAPS discussion- Deeper Reading

This discussion activity gives each student a role in order to better interpret  and interact with the text read. The analysis is  based on subject, occasion, audience, pupose, and speaker of the piece.

File Mystery Envelope Questions - Deeper Reading

A listing of possible mystery envelope questions are provided in this document.

File Group Open Mind Activity- Deeper Reading

This activity is best after the mid-point of a novel has been covered. Students create metaphors to show a character's thoughts.

File Theme Triangles

This activity can be done at the conclusion of a novel. It links a theme from the novel to film, and other forms of media. Each group presents their project to the class at the end of the project.

File Types of Metaphors- Deeper Reading

This is a chart that lists the different types of metaphors students may use when analyzing text.

File Most Valuable Idea Form - Deeper Reading

This form is used to identify the most valuable idea of a piece of literature, and pairs that idea to a piece of writing found in media today.

File Components of a Good Paper

Click on the PDF link below for the guidelines of writing a good English paper.

File Grades 11-12 Common Core Rubrics as PDFs

Grades 11-12 Common Core Rubrics as PDFs

URL Adjectives: Rules and Practice

Click on the following LINK to learn about adjectives and practice them.

URL Capitalization Rules and Online Quiz

Click HERE to expand your knowledge on capitalization!

URL Prepositions - Quiz

Prepositions - Quiz

URL Grammar CC Website

 Grammar CC

URL Grammar Bytes Website

Grammar Bytes

URL Spelling City Website

Spelling City: Click on the link here and type in your vocabulary set. Then, you can do spelling tests or vocabulary review with the words!

URL Letter Bubbles Typing Game

Play this game to test your typing skills!

URL Using the Right Word Game

See how many you can get correct out of 20!

URL Electronic "Hang Man" Game

See how well you can guess the word with this classic game!

URL Who Has the Biggest Memory? - Game

Tests the memory

URL Letter Blocks

Build words using three or more letters!

Topic 2 Book The Crucible, by Arthur Miller
File Act One Sound Recording

Listen to the Act One .mp3

File Act Two Sound Recording

Click on the link to play the .mp3 file for Act Two.

File Act Three Sound Recording

Click to play the mp3 of Act 3.

File Act Four Sound Recording

Click to play mp3 of Act 4.

Critical Lenses Book Critical Lenses

You will find notes and activities based on the use of critical lenses.