Welcome to the BPS Teaching & Learning Academy!

These workshops were collaboratively designed by teachers at BPS in an effort to become better teachers and learners. We hope you find them useful...

Participants will INNOVATE their formative assessment practice by exploring:

  • Ways to improve Feedback
  • Student Self-Assessment and Metacognition
  • SAMR and Formative Assessment
  • Formative Assessment for Application and Extension
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Participants will INNOVATE their feedback practices by:

  • Discovering the power of feedback
  • Exploring types of feedback used for formative assessment
  • Evaluating formative assessments for feedback potential
  • Defining the criteria for effective feedback
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Participants will INNOVATE their Metacognition practices by:

  • Developing an understanding of metacognition and how it is important to students
  • Embedding steps and strategies within lesson plans to engage students in metacognitive activities
  • Exploring, modifying, and designing tools to facilitate student self-assessment & metacognition
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Participants will INNOVATE their use of technology in Formative Assessment by:

  • Exploring the SAMR model for Technology Integration
  • Applying the SAMR model to key elements of formative assessment
  • Developing and embedding strategies for using technology to innovate formative assessment practices
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Participants will INNOVATE their formative assessment for application and extension by exploring answers to:

  • What situations/opportunities do I have to create to help students be successful at the application and extension level?
  • How can I design student activities that create opportunities for application level formative assessment?
  • How can I seamlessly incorporate formative assessment into my lesson plans?
  • How can I create clear yet flexible assessment tools?