Social Studies Department Master Courses

master courses imagesAll students are required to complete three units of social studies for graduation. The following are courses which fulfill the requirements:

Global Studies (9th grade) OR World History I & II
11th grade: U.S. History 1898 - 1940 AND U.S. History 1940 - Present 
OR U.S. History/English OR American Pageant OR AP U.S.History OR U.S. History - Block
12th grade: Government OR AP Government AND Economics


Grade Placement: 12……….1/2 credit……….Semester 1 or 2

The course focuses on the modified market economy of the United States, how it compares to other economic systems, and the role of the United States in the global marketplace. Students will learn how individuals and societies use their resources to satisfy their wants/needs. This course should enable students to apply economic knowledge to their daily lives.

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Grade Placement: 10, 11, 12……….1/2 credit……….Semester 1 or 2

This is a readings-based class.

This class open to all students in high school will focus on the history of North Dakota. Topics covered will include study of Native American tribes and cultures specific to North Dakota, the development of Dakota Territory into the State of North Dakota, along with state government, history, economics, and geography through articles from the North Dakota History Journal.

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SST301 U. S. HISTORY 1898-1940
Grade Placement: 11……….1/2 credit……….Semester 1 only

Major areas of study include Expansion, the Progressive Era, World War I, the 1920’s and 1930's with the Great Depression, and the approach of World War II.  Presidencies from McKinley through Franklin Roosevelt will be examined.

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