World Languages

master courses imagesElective courses for students who are thinking about studying a world language. The languages available are French, German, Latin, and Spanish.

FLA111 German (S1)

Grade Placement: 10,11,12………..0.5 credit……….Full year

Students are introduced to the German language and the culture of central Europe through daily practice of basic conversation, listening, and reading skills. Videos may be used to trace the adventures of a group of German teenagers. Readings in both German and English are used to describe everyday life in German-speaking countries, and songs may be used to reinforce basic grammar skills..

FLA131 Spanish I (S1)

Grade Placement: 10,11,12………..0.5 credit……….Full year

Spanish I introduces the student to the culture and language of Spanish-speaking countries by means of listening to the spoken language, by participating in oral and written exercises, by learning basic grammatical constructions, and by conversing and reading on an elementary level.